A Bug's Life crack

152_1329172081.pngThe usual crap...

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Aladdin 2000 crack

655_1329171968.pngApparantly a very incomplete and bad SNES port of the Aladdin Mega Drive/Genesis version.

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What goes around...

-my cracks sold on cartridges-

897_1315771930.pngAs you probably know, most of the HKOs that I've been cracking in the past were manufactured and sold in the mid to late nineties.
Surprisingly, new copies from a different manufacturer seem to be popping up lately and guess what:
These new copies are based on my cracks!
I could and maybe I should be upset about the fact that someone else is making money off of something I released for free without even asking.
However, I actually feel a little bit proud about it.
And let's be fair here:
all I did was crack a few games of some obscure developer who didn't even have the proper rights to produce these games in the first place, so who would I be to complain.
It's all good when it comes to HKO retro-game goodness. ;)

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Digimon Adventure crack

713_1315740540.pngAnother game supplied by Bramsworth and Azathoth.

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Pokemon Gold Silver crack

609_1315740111.pngI've been waiting for a long time to get my hands on that one.
Again thanks to Bramsworth & Azathoth, I was finally able to crack it.
Apart from the usual stupid schemes, it featured a rather obscure protection that didn't kick in before the player fired 32 shots, then waited for another 512 frames before finally crashing the game.
But, as we all know, security by obscurity never works, so here's the crack.

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Soul Edge vs Samurai

-cracked for your pleasure (?)-

137_1315739450.pngThanks to Bramsworth for providing the cartridge and Azathoth for dumping it.

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Pocket Monsters crack fix

880_1315739177.pngPrevious crack crashed the game when looking down, so here's the fix.

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Sega Saturn region-free Bios

-d4s is not amused-

253_1305939424.pngYeah, so I hacked the Sega Saturn Bios and removed regional lockout and CD authenticity checks. Obviously, that was the reason I was dying to get a Saturn a couple of days earlier. Thanks to an unnamed individual, I've got one now and promptly installed that modified Bios.

Good news first: regional lockout bypass works just fine on real hardware.
Install this Bios in your Saturn and play any authentic game in any video mode you like, no need for clunky switches or cartridges anymore.

The bad news: Although the CD authenticity checks in the Bios have been removed, CD-R copies still don't boot.
I basically have zero debugging capabilities on real hardware, so I can't really tell what the exact problem is, but credible sources suggest that the CD interface has to be unlocked by initializing with a genuine Saturn disc before being able to boot a game disc. This is rather unsatisfying, but I'm releasing this anyway, it's better than nothing.

I'll be getting a modchip for now and will have a look at this again once Dr. Decapitator has dumped the CD interface program ROM.
I could imagine that there's a debug command hidden somewhere that lets you boot CD-Rs without authenticating first. We'll see...

Also, if you plan on installing this Bios in your Saturn, keep in mind that the pinout of the original Bios maskROM is similar to the 27c800 and don't forget to byteswap the ROM before copying it to a 16bit Eprom. Btw, this hack is based on the japanese 1.01 Bios.

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