ROM dump: 슈퍼20합

-korean SFC multi-cart-

368_1338646921.pngHere's something else for a change:
A dump of a korean pirate multi-cart featuring 20 games, mostly NES/Famicom conversions.

I don't know much korean, but I guess the title means something like 'Super 20 Collection'.
They went out of their way to add new sound effects and music to the games (including a very cheesy Super Mario Bros theme remix).
Game doesn't work on emulators yet because there's a custom bankswitching mechanism involved.

Thanks to Svambo for letting me borrow his cartridge!


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What goes around...

-my cracks sold on cartridges-

897_1315771930.pngAs you probably know, most of the HKOs that I've been cracking in the past were manufactured and sold in the mid to late nineties.
Surprisingly, new copies from a different manufacturer seem to be popping up lately and guess what:
These new copies are based on my cracks!
I could and maybe I should be upset about the fact that someone else is making money off of something I released for free without even asking.
However, I actually feel a little bit proud about it.
And let's be fair here:
all I did was crack a few games of some obscure developer who didn't even have the proper rights to produce these games in the first place, so who would I be to complain.
It's all good when it comes to HKO retro-game goodness. ;)

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Starfox (J) V1.1 dumped

351_1308511161.pngThanks to eagle-eyed Evan G of, I learned that I was in possession of a still undumped version of Starfox which was never used in retail cartridges, but only in a special cartridge for the Super Famicom Box hotel unit. I had hoped that Nintendo at one point fixed the issues Starfox was having with running on a Super FX in 21Mhz mode, but apparently they never did... The Super Famicom Box version still uses the same old Mario Chip Super FX in 10Mhz mode. No public release this time, as this ROM is only of archival interest, anyway.

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Yet another 1/1/1 Super Famicom!

2007 had me searching for a Super Famicom with a 1/1/1 chipset for two months straight until I finally found one at a thrift store in Nagoya, Japan. Yesterday, i visited a friend to pick up a SNES backup unit. Little did I know that he had two large bags bursting with videogame goodness waiting for me, including -you guessed it- a 1/1/1 SFC. Sometimes, you just got to be lucky! ;)

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