Ultra16 firmware V1.4 is out!

-just in time for christmas, too-

683_1293166410.pngThis release adds more elaborate support for the Super GameBoy. I was almost successful in repressing the memory of a long-standing problem with one single GameBoy game: Space Invaders(E), but finally decided I had to do something about it. See, this one GameBoy game contains a complete Super Nintendo game that's only playable with the Super Gameboy. This SNES-game has a region protection built in, even though GameBoy games are region-free by default. The problem here is that the game is uploaded to the SNES at runtime, which means that I can't detect it during the Ultra16 boot sequence. After spending some time reverse-engineering the SGB, I was able to pull information from the inserted GameBoy cart and detect this game as a special case. What's really nice is that the cartridge info menu has been updated aswell and now lists title, hardware and GameBoy color/Super GameBoy features for GameBoy games! As always, use a flashcart/copier to run this upgrade on your Ultra16. For those of you that don't own such a device, I will be sending out upgrade cartridges. Have fun and merry christmas!

Posted by d4s on 2010-12-24 05:53:31  snes ultra16    [permalink]