What goes around...

-my cracks sold on cartridges-

897_1315771930.pngAs you probably know, most of the HKOs that I've been cracking in the past were manufactured and sold in the mid to late nineties.
Surprisingly, new copies from a different manufacturer seem to be popping up lately and guess what:
These new copies are based on my cracks!
I could and maybe I should be upset about the fact that someone else is making money off of something I released for free without even asking.
However, I actually feel a little bit proud about it.
And let's be fair here:
all I did was crack a few games of some obscure developer who didn't even have the proper rights to produce these games in the first place, so who would I be to complain.
It's all good when it comes to HKO retro-game goodness. ;)

Posted by d4s on 2011-09-11 22:12:11  sfc crack    [permalink]