Super Famicom Box confusion

975_1309089482.pngI believe there's still some confusion(even if it's only on my part) regarding the Super Famicom Box ROM-dumps out there.
In a nutshell, I dumped a couple of ROMs, but not all of them.

ROMs inside Super Famicom Box:

ROMs inside cartridges:





To clarify: I own a Super Famicom Box with cartridges PSS-61(containing ATROM-4S-0) and PSS-63 and have dumped all contained ROMs except for KROM 1. PSS-64 has not been dumped by me and AFAIK not by anyone else. This cartridge contains a unique GROM and (probably already otherwise dumped) game ROMs.
Judging from Youtube-videos linked above, there appears to be a PSS-61 cartridge out there with a newer menu ROM(probably ATROM-4S-1)
The Super Famicom Box consists of Super Famicom hardware and a yet unspecified system used to superimpose text onto the SFCs video output.

My current understanding is that KROM 1 is the boot-ROM of the latter, ATROM-4S-x is the boot-ROM and menu of the Super Famicom and GROMx-1 contains game-specific data for the superimposing system.

If you own PSS-62 or PSS-64 and want their contents dumped or if you have comments or corrections regarding the above, please contact me at matt [at]

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